by Dane Letourneau

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Vancouver Island producer and multi-instrumentalist Dane Letourneau (Gold & Shadow, The STACKS, Young Babylon) delivers a set of alternately haunting and upbeat minimalist pop tunes, supported by a big community of friends and collaborators.


Hindsight is 20/20, right? These songs explore things important to me - direction, place, community, environment, God - from a clearer perspective, kind of like looking down on yourself from somewhere above the clouds of confusion, doubt, and busyness.

This record also chronicles a journey away from a career path and life my heart was never fully set on, coming down from that “lofty and high” place when I’d “been alone, been afraid” for long enough (“1 vs. 0ther”). “How have we come this far, to turn around?” asks “wayfinding”, the first song I completed for this project.

After that other voices intrude and add to the story. “clips3” mourns a culture that doesn’t take seriously our impending climate crisis. “20after” is about how I met God in a snowy park in Stockholm at the moment I needed him most. “*without a sky” and “kingdom” conclude with the only thesis I’ve ever been able to maintain about this one and only life - without community, we don’t have much humanity at all.

Fittingly, this record is chock full of features from some of my best friends in this world, including Wes and Brandon who helped me pin down a fresh sound and Greg who told me what to make louder and what to just hit mute on. Finally, this record is for Jordan and Gabriel, my wife and son, my heart & soul.


released June 30, 2017

Wes Holmes - drums/percussion on 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 + piano on 5
Brandon Clarke - electric guitar on 2, 4, 6, 7 + vocals on 4, 7
Jordan Letourneau - vocals on 1, 2
Ray Gourlay - vocals on 1, 4
Jordan Lineker - sonic architecture on 3
Caleb Brown - vocals on 2
Jesse Janzen - bass guitar on 7

Recorded + produced by Dane Letourneau at Midnite City Studio
Mixed by Dane Letourneau with assistance from Greg Vandergrift
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering, Vancouver
Cover photo taken by Jordan Letourneau in an Oregon lava tube



all rights reserved


Dane Letourneau Nanaimo, British Columbia

Dane is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Van Isle, Canada. He loves Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Frank Ocean, and old Joni Mitchell. His songwriting is both beguiling and familiar, drawing on a multitude of influences while keeping melody front and center. ... more

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Track Name: wayfinding
How we have come this far
to turn around
Speckled in pink and blue
She stands her ground

(Violet, violet,
Don’t be an eyesore)

Dappled in shades of light
At daybreak
She stands to pick a fight
with heartache
I stand in awe of her
My prison guard

(Violet, violet,
Here in a moment)

Stand to break this off
Stand to make it up
Stand to pull us down
Stand to turn around
Track Name: 1 vs. 0ther
Come down from there
And be lifted up
Be lifted up

Rung by rung
Climb your way down
Down from your perch
Lofty and high
Where you've been alone
Where you've been afraid
This is your day

Let this go
Cast it all off
Falls to the ground
Heavy and cold
Wordless and sour
The beast that devours
Now in a pile
Void of all power
Left on his own

I can’t shield you from what you’ve made
Every flaw that you won’t embrace
I can’t offer an easy way,
but I can help you escape

Come down from here?!?
Settle this score
I wanted more
I wanted more

Don’t back down when you’ve come this far
What you’ve lost isn’t who you are
Don’t just stay for a house and car
Please stay for me
Track Name: clips3
you can stay
silent watching as the country wears away
you can sigh
make yourself heard as the silent things will die

you can tell me of the things you saw
at the National Museum
you can tell me of the origin of man down to the minute

in the midst of a thicket standing taller than a man
i was lost for a minute turning pebbles into sand

i was thinking of the passing of the places that i loved
every field and forest rock and hill that i knew would slowly end

because of us and our need to get around and do or die
because of oil, because of greed and because metal rules the sky

we can laugh or sit and watch the news but do we ever resist
take a walk and feel the pulsing life in things that do exist

field and flood, rocks hills and plains and cedar standing tall
sticky mud, bitumen that in our eyes eclipses all
Track Name: 20after
Twenty after, and I still wander
I'm still restless to a fault
I'm always needing to get out

And though I ask for a greater measure
Of patience to see it through
I'm just always thinking years ahead of you

All the days that I've been distracted
All the days that I've been bored
All the nights spent thinking of her
Here I am, every day, and after all
these years I still want more
Are you still the one I adore?

In the middle of snowy gardens
Walking slow to stall the time
Stockholm eating up my mind

I reached an ending, I’d never been there
With nothing left to keep me well
Into your open palm I fell and laid it down
Track Name: *without a sky
Don’t be a star without a sky
Don’t be a isolate don’t try
Cause you’re all i have in this world
And you are more than just a baby girl, baby girl

Don’t be a seeker of the night
Far from the constellations bright
Cause you’re not mine where you can see
In fact, we’ve been attached from inner parts we cannot see
They’re holding you, into me

Don’t be star without a sky
Don’t be a tiny point of light
Track Name: kingdom
You fought a lot harder to get here
Now all you fight is your own fear
oh my God!

I’m still
Full up with regrets and reactions
Question every move as it happens
oh my God!

My kingdom’s built on getting what I want
Yours seeks to meet the needs of those you love
Mine’s a catastrophe of selfish thought
Yours is the power of the flesh and blood

How you
take the time to sit and reflect here
or how you interact with a stranger
could be the proof

How can
every little thing that we don’t do
how is that supposed to convey truth?
oh my God!

My kingdom’s built on getting what I want
Yours is the kingdom of the son you love
Mine’s a catastrophe of selfish thought
Yours is the power of the flesh and blood