The Elephant Tapestry

by Dane Letourneau

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One song a day for a week in September.


released September 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Dane Letourneau Nanaimo, British Columbia

Dane is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Van Isle, Canada. He loves Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Frank Ocean, and old Joni Mitchell. His songwriting is both beguiling and familiar, drawing on a multitude of influences while keeping melody front and center. ... more

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Track Name: Final Form
it was more than an hour
from when you left until I started to react

you were more than a lover
you were a garden where I’d built an arbour
and in the shadows of night I got smaller

it was more than an instant
that brought your every word to my every thought

and on the edge of an ocean
I wrung the heat out of the night in storm
and in the finishing minutes
I put the touches on your final form

as you’d stay in me --
days are more than the sum of what we’d ever planned
days of rain calling out for a lingering glance
days of hearing your stories, of telling my own
days of wrecking our heads over how this has flown
days of sailing and running, tangled in the sea
days of ruining our socks in the evergreen trees
Track Name: The Quietest Song Ever Recorded
lay your hand on mine
and lay your head beside
only in the night, in the smallest things we hide

tell me all your fears
and I’ll hold them to myself
and do whatever I can do to help

ships are pulling out
the rain is pulling in
shivers as we face into the wind

I’ll wrap you in these arms
keep away the night
and drive away the things you locked inside
Track Name: Trout Lake
all that i am
would keep you apart
and this on my mind:

to leave you or not
is my own device
it’s always on my mind

all that i am
would give you a kiss
if I had the nerve

I’d make us a list
of actions and words
and I’d say the first ‘i love you’

it would not be absurd!

this is what i’ve learned:
you were the first
to challenge this verse
of singleness and hurt

i will not rest assured
Track Name: Delanice
midnight at the garden house
I see you walk by in that gown
and I can barely think ahead
to what we’ve known to what we’ll know

the lanterns swing on sturdy boughs
the shifting light, the singing forms
the friends we’ve gathered in our arms
to wish us well, to sing us songs