Wedding EP

by Small Vices

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Dane and Jordan Letourneau are SMALL VICES, a Vancouver Island folk/pop duo with a sound resembling Sufjan Stevens or The Oh Hellos. The WEDDING EP is a collection of songs celebrating their marriage on June 27, 2015, and a gift to the family and friends they love dearly, as well as you, dear listener! Here's hoping these tunes lift you gently as they muse upon and laugh about the little quirks and odd moments - the "small vices" - that make up all of our relationships.


released June 27, 2015

Written & performed by Dane and Jordan Letourneau
Recorded & mixed/mastered by Dane Letourneau at New Castle Studio



all rights reserved


Dane Letourneau Nanaimo, British Columbia

Dane is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Van Isle, Canada. He loves Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Frank Ocean, and old Joni Mitchell. His songwriting is both beguiling and familiar, drawing on a multitude of influences while keeping melody front and center. ... more

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Track Name: Lift
Love, let me lift you out of circumstance
Love, let me lift you out of here
Cause you’ve been feeling at your worst
And failing proof that you’ve been cursed,
Love, let me lift you out of here

Dear, won’t you let me take this load from you
Dear, won’t you let me bear the weight
Cause you’ve been drifting in and out
But I’ve been known to raise a shout,
Dear, let this song provide a way

Love, I’ve been acting like a fool again
Love, I’ve been acting out of sorts
If you’ll forgive me just this once
I promise I’ll be done by lunch
Love, won’t you lift me out of here

Dear, when I’m in the pits of my despair
Dear, when you’re feeling at your worst
They say the two shall become one
And though it won’t always be fun,
Dear, let us laugh along the way!
Track Name: Svalbard (1/1000000)
we are one in million
going home

we find
arctic winds collide
glaciers rise
our little paradise

we are one in million
going home

we find
a great expanse of sky
an endless day and night
we sit up here alone
but this is our home…

we are one in million
going home
Track Name: The Quietest Song Ever Recorded
lay your hand on mine
and lay your head beside
only in the night, in the smallest things we hide

tell me all your fears
and I’ll hold them to myself
and do whatever I can do to help

ships are pulling out
the rain is pulling in
shivers as we face into the wind

I’ll wrap you in these arms
keep away the night
and drive away the things you locked inside
Track Name: Small Vices
We picked it clean
We made a little hole where we laid into earth
the remains of the parts gone sour

Your dour little dress, it was dirty at the fringe
I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright...

And you mentioned every one,
These notions of running away
(I love you all the way down)

Won’t you count them, little rascals!
I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!
Don’t you bow to thoughts of home that are
Too close, too close, too close!

I love you all the way
I love you all the way down

We made it...
On top of that mountain, a whole other range
Each one was taller than this

Small vices were eating away at the sinew
and tiny connecting bits

And the chatter in your eyes
Each moment would give you away
The words they would repeat...
(I love you all the way down)
Track Name: Winding My Way Back To You
Winding my way back to you
I'm winding my way back to you
Through countryside and ocean blue
I'm winding my way back to you

We have been apart for months
Looking at a tiny screen
Telling each the other what we've done and all the things we've seen

I have missed you very much
Phone calls won't allow for touch
But we've grown closer anyhow
The distance somehow seems so small

I've got some pictures of you saved
I've looked at them most everyday
And what a joy to know and feel
I'm coming home and this is real!

I pray that you are given joy
And though I know I'm just a boy
I pray that we would learn to love
Each other like the Father does